Två löpare på fjället

Running on mountain trails

Running along trail and paths in the mountains with fantastic views and natural terrain is fun and provides good training. Here are several runner favorites in the valley and at altitude.

In and around Ramundberget there is variety, enjoyable jogging trails or tougher interval running in hilly terrain.

A big favorite in Ramundberget is to run the Gem tour Klinken. The trail is 12 kilometers, reasonably hilly without too demanding  altitude. The river Ljusnan winds its way along the path and provides fresh water for refilling liquid. Below hotel Fjällgården there is a bridge over Ljusnan, after which the trail begins.

A shorter variant is to go up with  Fjällgårdsbanan, the chairlift in Ramundberget. Once up, you run after the clock rather than a specific distance, run where your nose points! Run to the top of Ramundberget or towards Walles in Bruksvallarna and then back to the restaurant Tusen and Fjällgårdsbanan i Ramundberget.

If you are a beginner in mountain running, there is a shorter round of 2.5 kilometers that starts at the bridge over Ljusnan below the hotel. A nice, slightly hilly ride. A tip is to finish the workout at the outdoor gym next to Ljusnan.