the mascot Mickelina says hello to the kids

Ski school group at the right level

Attending ski school with a trained instructor is a very good way to develop your sking and to find pleasure in it. Here are the childrens groups described, select group based on both age and skil level.

Ski school and ski lessons in Ramundberget are divided into many different groups according to both skill and age. This means that everyone can get the most out of their lessons and have fun with others who are on the same level. Before booking ski school for your child, read through the description of the groups and make the choice based on both age and skill level.

The groups have different gathering places, see the map. 

3–4 years Snögubbar

Have not been skiing before or tried a little. We strive to create a positive start to the children's skiing with playfullness in focus. We test to turn and stop.

4–5 years Snöstjärnor

4–6 years Små glidare

Can ski independently in blue pistes. We explore the lift system and develop in the adventure up the mountain.

5–6 years Små Svängare

Rides most of the red-marked pistes and is used to T-bar lift. We increase the speed and strive towards keeping the skiis parallel and develop balance among the trees and jumps.

5–9 years Smygare

Have not been skiing before or tried sometime. We practice going with the lift, stop and turn.

7–10 years Glidare

Can ride a poma-lift, stop and turn in pistes with a blue mark. We explore new pistes and increase the balance on skis. The mascot Mickelina's world is a favourite. 

7–10 years Svängare

Can ski in most of the red marked pistes and are used to T-bar lift. We develop balance among the trees and jumps and strive to go with parallel skis.

7–10 years Fräsare

Experienced skiers who can ski with parallel skis in most of the pistes. We use the whole system and feel the edges of the skis, practice jumps and try off-piste.

7–10 years Raketer

Can ski everywhere at high speed. We ski with parallel skis in all pistes and we are looking for new challenges and develop the technuiqe adapted to the terrain. 

10–15 years Alpine beginner

Have not been skiing before or tried sometime. We practice going with the lift, stop and turn.

11–15 years Alpine continuation

Can go in the lifts, stop and turn in blue and red terrain. We train at security and flow with the skis parallel and to cope with pistes with a red mark.

11–15 years Alpin advanced

Can ski without problem in red marked pistes with parallel skis and in most of the black marked pistes. We work at refining technque, long and short turns. We also ski in the park. 

9–15 years Snowboard beginners

Has not been snowboarding before or tried a little before. We practice turning, going by the lifts and to get control of the board. 

9–15 år Snowboard continuation

Can turn both on the toes and heals without difficulty and go by lift. We train to get more flow and control in steeper pistes, and try to jump.

9–15 years Snowboard advanced

Can ski without problem in red and black marked pistes. We practice off-piste, going on the edges and jumping. 

8–12 years Freeride

Can go in all slopes with parallel skis in a good speed. We want challenges in forms of jumps, rails, off-piste and dropping from cliffs. We spend a lot of time in the park and among the trees.