The beautiful waterfall Tväråfallet

Tväråfallet hiking and waterfall

Hike over meadows and beside rushing waterfalls. Enjoy the scenery at the picnic area with natural seating on the stoves.

Take a car, bike or walk from hotel Fjällgården to Slättansvallen. From here the road to Klinken is very easy to walk after a clear path. At Klinken you cross the suspension bridge on the northern side of  the river Ljusnan and the well-known Kungsleden trail.

Follow Tvärån, which joins Ljusnan in the valley. The hike becomes more speedy as the river's spectacular rushing waterfall is followed upstream.

One kilometer along the river you will soon arrive at Tväråpoolen, a fantastic beautiful waterfall and a natural pool where many takes a bath. A little further upstream there is a perfect resting place by a beautiful fall with fireplace and nice natural seating on the stoves.

The tour is red, medium difficylty, with aa altitude difference of 130 m.

Description of the route


Gemtour 19 Tvärån