Hike the mountains to Sörgruvorna, Ramundberget

Sörgruvan nature and historic mines

Explore nature and the historic mining holes, hike from Ramundberget. A beautiful tour with 360-degree lovely views in all directions in clear weather.

From the top station of the lift, follow the trail along Kvarnbäckstjärnen, the same route as Gemtour 8. In clear weather Helagsfjället is visible, 30 km away in a northerly direction. At 1,797 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain peak south of Sarek.

Birds such as the Meadow Pipit, Northern Wheatear and Golden Plover call the mountain their home. The Redshank is probably heard from some mires and if lucky the Golden eagle can be seen hovering the mountains.

At the mines you leave the open mountain side and walk down towards the mining holes that can be crawled into. An exciting experience you do at your own risk.

From a plant standpoint, the breaking point between the mountain and the forest is most interesting with a rare flora. The presence of lime in the soil affects the plants and just below the mine there are mountain carnations that mark heavy metals in the soil.

Ask the staff in Ramundberget to point out the trail on a mountain map. Hike back the same route to Ramundberget or continue the entire Gemtour 8.

Description of the route

Gemtour 8 Ösjödalen, the trail passes Sörgruvorna