Helags syns i förgrunden

Helags 1 797 IN ALTITUDE

Hike to Helags from Ramundberget, the highest Swedish mountain peak south of the Arctic Circle. Here is also the Helags glacier. Enjoy grand views of Sylarna and Predikstolen, the splendor of summer flowers and bright colors in the fall.

From Ramundberget go north, at the campsite you take the bridge over the river Ljusnan. Then follow the path west, which is called Slänggungan.

At the tree line the path divides, follow the one to the left. You walk with Mittåkläppen on your right and Skarsfjället on your west. Here you can also see the summit of the beautiful mountain Ljusnestöten, at the bottom of the valley. There the river Ljusnan has its source.

After about seven kilometers, at Svaletjakke wind shelter, you join the trail that comes from Fjällnäs via Klinken. After a few more kilometers you will reach the ridge with a wonderful view of Mittåns ​​valley with Helags and Sylarna on the horizon. Follow the trail to STF Fältjägaren fjällstuga (lodging, connected to the Swedish Tourist Association), it is 15 km from Ramundberget, where many people choose to stay overnight.

During the hike up the eastern crest of Helagsfjället you can see in the west the characteristic silhouette 
of Predikstolen. Once over the ridge it is not far to the finish, here is a lovely view of the mountains Härjångsfjällen and Dunsjöfjällen.

Then the hike continues up the eastern crest of Helagsfjället. When you come across the ridge, nature offers a wonderful view of Härjångsfjällen and Dunsjöfjällen. With just over a km left, the trail from Ljungdalen connects to  STF Helags mountain station.

To the summit

The hike to Helags´ summit offers a high alpine feeling with some challenge. Walk southwest from the mountain station and follow the summit walk offering magnificent views and among others the grand Predikstolen and Sylarna. On the eastern side of Helagsfjället, Sweden's southernmost glacier is spreading.