Cykling i Ramundberget flowtrail och cykelpark

Flow trail for all lift-borne

Cycle in Ramundberget's bicycle park and flow trail surrounded by beautiful mountains and views. Take the shair-lift up the mountain and experience the flow of riding down.

More than four kilometers of machine-digged flow trail is suitable for both beginners and experts. Take the chair-lift Fjällgårdsbanan up and cycle down at your own pace. The green main trail has nicely dosed turns, playful stops and fun gangways. From the green trail you reach several blue detours, alternative routes and turns that are more advanced and that make the ride down a little more speedy and longer.

Description of the flow trail routes

The flow trail starts at Fjällgårdsbanan's top station and winds down the mountain. Very soon from the start is the restaurant Tusen, which is the first natural stop of the route. There it is a short course/pump track and cross country trails for the smaller cyclists. In addition to wide views there is also a rest area for a coffee break.

From Tusen the trail continues down among the mountain birches in rolling terrain. Bit by bit, the machine build ground is broken off by wide bends and built wooden bridges over streams and swamps. Everything is carefully built to fit into the flow that characterizes the flow trail and on the conditions of nature.

Further down the valley the mountain slope character changes slightly. The trail is still easy and is graded to green in difficulty, but for the more cautious riders we recommend slowing down a bit more towards the end. Although the slope is steeper, the trail retains its fairly light slope by making more impact that is broken by slightly sharper curves.

Find nice flow in the green trail 

The green trail has the simplest level of difficulty and its clearest feature is flow. It is suitable for young and old, beginners and those with more experience.

With rolling turns and relatively little stones and roots, anyone who likes to bike can find the flow here. The trail demands minimal pedaling as it goes easily downhill all the way, sometimes some use of the breaks are required as the slope is moderate. Take your time as the ride down to the valley is just over four kilometers and 275 altitude meters.

Challenging blue trails

From the green trail there are a number of blue detours which provide a more challenging cycling and also require more of the cyclist. These have tougher curves, steeper slope and playful hills, which requires a little more pedaling and technical ability. The blue trails are not recommended for beginners, but we recommend it for those who already master the green trail and want more technical and physical riding.


Resting places with views and family adventures

By the landmark, the restaurant Tusen, is the first resting place of several along the flow trail. From here you can cycle on to the cross country area above the tree line, a trail of natural and easily accessible path cycling out into the mountain area and back. There is also a short track where especially the small cyclists enjoy cycling several laps or playing at the playground.

There are several resting places located along the trail with sights or nice views to enjoy. One of them is the mascot Mickelina´s  playground and base camp, with a fire place and opportunity to play in the mountain nature. Here, the playful mountain fox Mickelina has had a finger in the game to make the mountain extra fun for the kids.

For all families, a stop is also recommended at Mickelina's castle further down in the birch forest and at the waterfall Kvarnbäcken. There are also plenty of parking pockets along the trail, to easily gather the company and enjoy the environment.