Barn åker skidor på fjället

Mickelina's World WINTER

Mickelina's World, located by the kids' area Lillramis, is a place for children to experience snow and skiing for the first time in a playful way. Our Arctic fox mascot makes sure everyone feels welcome.

Mickelina is a clear favorite among our youngest visitors, who love to fool around with her in Lillramis. The area offers a kids' slope with an easy poma lift - perfect for beginners - as well as a "värmestuga" (heated hut) with arts and crafts activities and a tipi tent where the fire is always burning. 


The Arctic Fox Mickelina

Mickelina is a grey Arctic fox and our mascot. According to the story, she wandered down from the Skarsfjället mountain in 2001 to ask us to better care for our beautiful nature. She wants to spread knowledge about the world her species is living in, and out of this came Mickelina's World. 

Mickelina really loves animals and nature and is passionate about protecting the environment. She shows this by protesting visibly if someone litters or in any other way mistreats her beautiful mountain. She loves happy people, and more than anything she loves kids. If she sees someone get badly treated, she will step in and hand out hugs to those who need it. She has left traces of her adventures all around the ski system, and her many lairs can be found all across the valley and mountains. 

Mickelina often visits Lillramis, spreading joy among the children. Keep an eye on our activity calendar and our Instagram account @ramundberget_pa_plats, where we will keep you posted on her movements. 


Mickelina's World in Lillramis

Lillramis is our popular kids' area, located to the west of Hotel Fjällgården. This is where you'll find Mickelina's own organic café, with a heated hut and playroom downstairs housing one of her lairs. A perfect spot to thaw your frozen toes after a day on the slopes! Lillramis also hosts a kids' slope with a poma lift and a magic carpet, perfect for kids who might be standing on skis for the very first time. You are also welcome to try snowboard, sledding, or just lsiding down the snow on your bum! Sledding is eprmitted both during the day and evening. 

At the bottom of Lillramis is where you'll find Mickelina's special cross-country trail for kids; a perfect starting place for kids who want to try cross-country for the very first time! Mickelina also offers babysitting every Thursday, a great moment to play in the snow together with her. For those who want to push themselves, Mickelina's Championship is a collection of friendly contests and challenges suitable for kids of all levels.