International elite skiers gather in Ramundberget

In recent weeks, Ramundberget has hosted several nationalities within the Alpine elite. The clubs come to get effective and varied training in good snow conditions. Teams from, among others, France, Germany and Norway have trained in the pistes.

The article was published on November 29th, 2019.

The Norwegian skiers Lucas Braathen and Bjørn Brudevoll have just completed a slalom pass.
–  It was good conditions, good terrain and piste. We have had an effective training session and that is important, says Lucas Braathen.

–  A little shorter pist like this one is good for training because then we get more to work with. It gives us more runs so we get mass training, says Bjørn Brudevoll.

Andreas Kollenborg is their coach (see  the picture).
Andreas Kollenberg– I've been here privately before but haven't trained with the team. It is really good here because we get short circulation times that provide effective training. What is most positive is that we have been able to get the piste watered. For us, it is important to be able to influence the substrate so that it suits us, he says.

Albert Doppelhofer is the trainer for the German Alpine men's national team. He is in Ramundberget with 17 active skiers. This is the first time they are training here. 
– We heard about Ramundberget since the junior team was here earlier in November. We have had very good conditions and have been able to get the piste prepared as we wish. It's easy to get here and easy to work with the staff so we can get what we need. It is important for us that it is easy work toghether so that we the most out of our training, says Albert Doppelhofer.

tyska eliten tränar i Slalombacken, Ramundberget

At the end of the week there will also be training groups from Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia in Ramundberget.

Niclas Ohlslöf is head of the department Real Estate and Sport at Ramundberget and has a lot of contact with the ski teams.

–  I have received only positive response from our international visitors. They appreciate the efficiency of the facility, the possibility of many and varied runs  with both flatter and steeper sections, as well as restaurants and accommodation are within walking distance. They say "it's great skiing here" and they mean that we have good, nice and cold snow. A good hard-prepared piste, well watered and not salted.

–  We have the advantage of having a favorable temperature here with a couple of minus right now and it has been cold for a very long period. The fact that there are so many teams here right now has a alot to do with our geographical location that gives us a lot of snow. And the European Cup coming up in Funäsdalen, says Niclas Ohlslöf.

tyska elitåkare åker lift i Ramundberget


eliten tränar i Slaombacken, Ramundberget