Barn åker skidor på fjället

Mickelina's world wintertime

On the mountain and in the valley in Ramundberget, the mascot Mickelina has left tracks that can be found in the lift system and around the mountain destination, outdoors and indoors. Welcome to Mickelina's world.

Mickelina is a mountain fox and Ramundberg's mascot. She loves the mountains, nature, other animals and being out and about. In the winter she likes skiing, snowracer and after ski, in the summer she likes to hike and bike, among other adventures. In addition to the different areas available for children, there are various activities to participate in, see the calendar (only available in Swedish).

Mickelina's world indoors is great when cold feet need heat and tired skier legs need new energy. When the weather on the mountain is rough it can be nice to play inside in the play area Källar´n - a miniture world of the mountain, or in the ground floor of Mickelina's café, which is a heat cabin with play corner where one of Mickelina's burrows is located.


Mickelina's world among pistes och lifts


Lillramis, the children's own ski area with a café and downstairs a heating cabin, has a nice children's piste with a poma-lift. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding or gliding on the bum for those who want it. Sledding in the pist is allowed daytime and evening.

Where the Lillramis lift begins there is a grill house, with the possibility to grill sausages over the open fire and eat a packed lunch or just cozy up for a while by the fire.

In the lower part of the area there are cross-country tracks for children.



Here is a poma- lift to ski in the piste Glidarbacken, which has a green marker - very easy. Here are good conditions for beginners to ski with a little more slope than the one in Lillramisbacken. Between the piste and the lift there is what is called Björnskogen, a short trail around the mountain birches.



In Ramundberget there are three parks, of which Lekparken is for the smaller children and part of Mickelina's world. There are terrain waves, small jumps, a few simple boxes and playful challenges - a place for the whole family to develop skiing together. The park is reached from Solliftarna.


Mummel och Rabarber

The forest skiing path winds among the wind blown and sparse mountain birches. It runs from the top of the Osthangbanan, between the pistes Ekorrpasset and Solliftleden.

Look out for Mickelina's animal friends, for example uncle Carcajou and the bear Åke. Watch out! The animals can appear after the next curve. Here are signs where tell you things about the animals that Mickelina thinks it is important that we humans know.



Starts just below Fjällgårdsbanan's top station. The course is marked with signs and you glide forward among sparse mountain birches. Do not miss the fox burrow, where there are exciting discoveries to make.


Mickelinas genväg through Slåttskogen

A fun trail, a short cut,  for the smaller skiers, with fun signs leading into the mountain birch forest between Fjällgårdsbanan and Solliftbacken. Here, among other things, is one of the mountain fox's burrows and Slåttet  (something like a castle) to discover. 



At the most western part of the ski system is Skarsliften. Renskogen lies between the pistes of Douresbakte and Korkskruven. A winding path in slightly steeper terrain also with transverse curves and a little denser between the trees, compared to the other areas in Mickelina's world.