Ösjödalen with Ösjöstugan

During the summer when the chair lift Fjällgårdsbanan runs a hike to Ösjödalen is an easy way to get a real mountain feeling. A beautiful hike of six kilometers.

Already at the top station of the lift there are beautiful views and mountain peaks to marvel at, including the Vigelfjällen on the Norwegian side, Skarsfjället, Sylarna, Helags, Mittåkläppen and Anåfjället.

If you want to hike all the way up the mountain you can choose the gravel road leading up from the Fjällgårdsbanan valley station.

Hike out on the calf mountain along the marked trail to Ösjöstugan, beautifully located in the mountain valley Ösjödalen. The hike is six kilometers long and has a height difference of 60 meters.

Along the path down towards Ösjösjön, to the left of Ösjöstugan, lies the source of rejuvenation with clear and good water.

Description of the route

Gemtours 8 Ösjödalen and 8B Ösjöstugan

Ösjöstugan during the winter

During the winter season Ösjöstugan, a cottage on the mountain, is open for skiers and snowmobiles, during some periods and when the weather alows it. The offers hot and cold drinks, snacks, waffels and lunches.