Familj cyklar på fjället  i Ramundberg

Cycling trails and paths In mountains and valleys

Ramundberget has something for everyone interested in cycling and is part of the area Funäsfjällen's trail system, with over 300 kilometers of bike trails and paths to discover.

Around Ramundberget there are easily accessible trails and paths with varying degrees of difficulty to cycle and to discover the mountains at. To quickly get to the great views above the tree line it is easy to take the chair-lift, Fjällgårdsbanan, and bike directly onto the mountain. It is also possible to start directly from the villiage center in the valley.

Trail cycling in Ramundberget is both fun and varied with the mountain's different nature. There are wide machine-built trails and exercise tracks, steep and flatter trails, pristine messy paths with challenging roots and stones, and a paved hilly exercise trail between Ramundberget and Bruksvallarna.



A popular trail start with to get the feeling of biking in the mountain area of Ramundberget is Klinkenturen. It starts at Fjällgårdstorget, in the center of Ramundberget, and continues into the valley. A mostly easy trail with elements of some slightly trickier parts. The trail runs along the river Ljusnan's southern shore and past the northern bank on the way back. The trail is a mixture of exercise tracks, walking paths and gravel road past the cottage area. The trail is also popular for hikers and runners.

Cross country on the mountain

The cross country area within Ramundberget's bicycle park is located above the restaurant Tusen, on the mountain, and also offers easily accessible paths above the tree line, that suits all ages. Unlike the flow trail´s floaty way of getting down the mountain, you will have to pedal hills at your own pace before returning to the starting point at Tusen.

If you turn the handlebars towards the top of the Osthang area from the top of the Fjällgårdsbanan, you will find much more challenging cycling to experience. The red cycle path is a natural route that starts from Fjällgårdsbanan's top station and goes further uphill towards the top of Osthang. Descending gives you wider trails and routes. 


Remember that some trails are shared with hikers so please show consideration.