Käringsjövallen round trip

Experience the lake Abborvikarna with several fine bathing bays knotty pines and perhaps grayling fishing. Paddle Käringsjövallen round trip, one week.

This is the most popular trip among first time visitors in the area of Funäsfjällen and is suitable for most people who want to spend a week in the wilderness. No rivers, no really heavy portages and loads of places to camp.

The first portage can seem scary because of it´s length (700 meters), but the track is good and when you get down to lake Vingarna all the effort is forgotten. Vingarna is absolutely stunning with a maze of bays, peninsulas and smaller islands. It is here where the grayling grow large in the clear water.

One more long portage takes you down to Tandsjön and a small river runs from here to the heart of the area – lake Rogen. Many people waits here for calm weather to paddle along the small islands to the mouth of river Bredån, other people turns northwest to discover the lakesystem north of lake Rogen. 

Facts about the trip

Number of days:  We recommend 4-7 days
Difficulty: Easy / Medium.
For whom: Everyone with normal fitness.
Map: Z59 Rogen 1:50 000
Fishing license: Länsstyrelsen Ruhtven Sihjte andTännäs Fiskevårdsområde.