Det droppar vatten från en paddel

Avanced trip Käringsjövallen-Röros

This is a real adventure that requires good habit of outdoor life and fitness, 10-14 days. The trip begins with a long portaging to Vingsjön where the paddling can begin.

Start in Vingsjön and paddle down to Stortandsjön, spend the night in one of the cozy windshields and explore the Rogen area on foot to Bredåsjön and Våndssjön.

Let the paddling from the west end of Rogen to Femunden take time, it is by far the hardest route. Between Nedre Roasten and Röa, there is a steep slope along the river. Long walks along the river in rocky and steep terrain are mixed with incredibly fine canoeing on the quieter stretches.

We advise against paddling in the rapids as the calm parts quickly turn into waterfalls. Once down at Femunden, paddle north and further up in Feragen then turning west and paddle towards Röros along Håelva.

Facts about the trip

Number of days: We recommend 10-14 days
Difficulty: Difficult.
For whom: Good fitness and out door experience is required.
Map: Z59 Rogen 1:50 000, Röa 1719: 1, Narbuvoll 1719: 4 and Röros 1720: 39 
Fishing license: Länsstyrelsen Ruhtven Sihjte, Tännäs Fiskevårdsområde and Röros Fjellstyre Femunden.