Flera paddlare

Canoing on Rogen Käringsjövallen- Käringsjön

One of the more easy tours on Rogen, one week. Start in Käringssjövallen and paddle via Vingarna, Tandsjön, Rogen and after that explore the small ponds north of Rogen and finish in Käringssjön.

The tour has a couple of longer portages but they have well-trampled paths: Käringsjövallen - Vingarna, about 700 meters, and between Vingarna and Tandssjön, about 500 meters.

The tour can be done both ways and in less than seven days, but for those who want to explore the beautiful area, it is good to have plenty of time and a week to spend. You can mix paddling with hiking up to Lake Bredåsjön or to the top of Bustvålen or some other exciting mountain.

For those who want, there is the opportunity to stay overnight in Rogenstugan, that belongs to STF (the Swedish Tourist Association).

Facts about the trip

Number of days:  We recommend 7 days.
Difficulty: Easy/Medium.
For whom: Everyone with normal fitness.
Map: Z59 Rogen 1:50 000
Fishing license: Länsstyrelsen Ruhtven Sihjte and Tännäs Fiskevårdsområde.